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Marketing for the Holidays


You're probably busy. Your clients are probably busy. The holidays are just another thing on your to-do list. But you know what? If you want your business to thrive, it's worth spending some time on marketing and promotion now instead of scrambling later. Here are some tips that will help you get ahead of the curve this holiday season:

Create a plan.

The holidays are a busy time for many businesses and organizations, which means you need to stay ahead of the curve and create a marketing plan. Your plan of action should include:

  • A realistic goal that's ambitious enough to be motivating but not so far-reaching that it seems impossible to achieve

  • Consistency in your messaging across all channels (print, digital and social media)

  • A budget that allows you to execute on your holiday marketing strategy

Holiday marketing materials.

  • Holiday cards. You need to send holiday cards to your clients, prospects and team members. Make sure your greeting includes a call-to-action and ask them to visit your website for more information about the services you provide or products you sell.

  • Holiday newsletters. Emailing a newsletter just before Christmas is a great way to reach customers at home, where they’re most likely going online anyway — and it can help increase sales when you offer special promotions during the holiday season.

  • Holiday flyers. Rushing through last minute orders? Small business printer JetFliers has everything you need for professional printing services including flyers and postcards in time for Santa’s arrival on December 24th!

  • Open house invitations (if applicable). If your company plans an open house event or other type of gathering during the holidays, make sure that everyone knows about it by sending invitations via email or posting them on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter with links back up into our website where people can RSVP if they are interested in attending this event!

Reach out to clients for testimonials.

You’re looking for testimonials that say something like, “Our experience with Company A was the best we had ever had. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a new software system.” This can be anything from a donation, to website design and development, to accounting and tax preparation services. You also want customers who have been with you for at least six months so that you know they are happy with your product or service and will put in the effort to write a testimonial for your business when asked.

Get your name in front of people.

You have a lot of ways to get your name in front of people. Whether you choose to advertise or not, there are other ways to get the word out about your brand—and that's good for you and the business.

  • Social media: Your social media presence is an important part of any business' marketing strategy, so use it! It's free, so even if you don't have a huge budget for ads, there's nothing stopping you from investing time and energy into building up your followers on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

  • Print advertising: It's never been easier to create print ads than it is today—just find an inexpensive online printing service like VistaPrint (which can make all sorts of custom-designed products) and start designing! Set up a Google Ads account so that every time someone searches "holiday decorations" online (for example), they'll see an ad for your store pop-up next to their search results.

  • In person advertising: If there are any community events coming up where people might be looking for holiday decorating ideas or gifts for loved ones during this season (like holiday fairs), consider setting up shop at them with some samples of what you sell. Don't forget about local businesses either—if they're open all year long like restaurants usually are then why not sell some items in their front window?

Have some fun.

With all the holiday stress, remember that it's also a time to have some fun. Here are some ideas to help you in your endeavor:

  • Have a sense of humor. Nothing helps people relax like laughter, so make sure you keep things light and easygoing this season. You can do this with an amusing holiday video or by sharing some fun facts about your business through social media. People love sharing information they find interesting, so don't be afraid to try something unique!

  • Use social media effectively. Make sure that your company's Facebook page has been updated recently with new posts featuring seasonal products and sales promotions that should appeal to customers' interests during the holidays — not just for Christmas but also Hannukah (which starts on December 6th) and Kwanzaa (December 26th). You should also create an account on Pinterest so people can follow along with what inspires them most throughout this busy season without having any trouble finding content from past years' festivities as well!

  • Send out emails regularly reminding customers about their upcoming birthdays when there are only two months left until February 14th comes around again next year; some companies even offer special discounts during these periods because they know how important it is for single mothers who want their children to get something special but don't know where else they might go besides Target/Walmart etcetera because those retailers tend not only sell quality products but also have great deals too which means more money saved overall when shopping there instead! This way everyone wins while saving time AND money while doing it too - what could possibly go wrong?

Marketing is the key to success in the real estate business, and it takes more than luck!

Marketing is the key to success in the real estate business. It's not enough to put a sign in your yard, or put an ad on Craigslist or Facebook. You have to know what you're doing, or you won't make any money!

Marketing is a science, but it's also an art. You need creativity and skill to be successful at marketing.

You can learn about marketing from books, but there are lots of things that only experience can teach you—like how to get people interested in buying and selling homes; how much advertising costs; what kinds of ads work best (and which ones don't).


Marketing is the key to success in real estate, and it takes more than luck! If you want to increase your income and reach a greater number of potential buyers, then you need to develop a strong marketing strategy that includes all of these tips. You can also check out our blog for additional articles about effective marketing techniques for realtors.

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