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The Holidays - Real Estate Marketing Tactics

Holiday season is a great time to market your real estate business. The holidays are a chance for you to show clients that you care about the community and want to help others. Here are some ideas on how you can use social media and other tactics to market your services during this festive time of year.

Feature Holiday-Themed Listings on Your Facebook Page

Holiday-themed listings are a great way to show off your listings and get potential buyers interested in them. They can also give you an opportunity to show your clients that you care about the community and think of it as an enjoyable place to live.

With holiday-themed listings, you'll be able to share what types of events are going on in the area during the holidays, along with photos of those events taking place. You can even include links for people who want more information or would like to attend!

Create a “12 Days of Christmas” Social Media Campaign

Create a “12 Days of Christmas” Social Media Campaign

Today, social media is the most powerful form of advertising you can use to promote your business. Why not turn it into a fun and shareable campaign that reaches all ages? Here’s how:

  • Decide on the theme for your campaign—Right now, Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa are popular choices (and they don't even have to be holiday-specific). You could also think outside the box throughout the year with something like "7 weeks until spring!", "5 days until Valentine's Day!" or even something less seasonal like "2 months until tax season!" The options are endless when it comes to choosing an idea for your posts—just make sure it has relevance within your industry!

  • Create holiday-themed templates for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by using templates found in Canva or another free design tool. These will help you stay consistent with how each post looks across all platforms while saving time in creating content each day of the week! Or just hire me!

  • Share these graphics with local businesses and organizations so they can join in on this festive tradition too!

Get Festive With Your Christmas Real Estate Email Templates

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach prospective buyers, but what if it's not Christmas? As we mentioned above, there are many holidays that people celebrate and these may be important to you as a real estate agent. For example, if you're selling property in Texas where Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by Hispanics then you should include suggestions of Mexican restaurants or clubs in your pitch email.

The same goes for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa! These days people have become more open about celebrating non-Christian holidays and so it's important to acknowledge other cultures when marketing your home listing during this time of year.

Give Thanks to Local Businesses and Organizations With Social Media

People love to see their efforts acknowledged. One of the best ways to thank a local business for its hard work is by sharing its information with your social media followers. You can take this even further and share the information with your clients, friends, or family members as well.

Host a Thanksgiving-Themed Food Drive or Fundraiser

The holidays are a time for giving. Whether you're planning to donate to your favorite charity or hold a holiday-themed fundraiser, there are many ways you can make a positive impact on the people in your community. You can organize an event for your neighborhood association, host a food drive at work, or even go door-to-door collecting holiday toys and canned goods from local residents.

While some people think this is too much work during the busy season, remember that giving back is what makes us human—and it feels good! When we give from our hearts and souls (instead of just handing over cash or writing checks), it reminds us what's important in life: family, friends and helping others who need it most.

So how do we get started? The first step is always research—you'll want to figure out which charities are doing good work in your area before deciding where to donate money or time during the holidays. If there aren't any organizations nearby that fit your criteria (or if they don't accept donations), then consider starting one yourself!

Show Off Your Giving Spirit With Videos and Photos on Instagram

It can be difficult to get yourself and your team in the holiday spirit. It’s even more challenging when you have a lot of work to do, which is why we recommend showing off your giving spirit with videos and photos on Instagram. Posting about your charitable efforts not only reminds us of the season, but also signals that our community matters to you. These images can help spread awareness about local events and help promote participation among friends and followers.

Create a Holiday-Themed Blog or Post Series

You may be asking yourself, "What exactly is a blog?" A blog can be defined as an online journal or diary. Blogs allow you to communicate with your potential customers and build relationships with them by sharing information on your website. This helps to build trust with potential buyers/renters, which makes them more likely to do business with you in the future.

Blogs are also a great way of promoting yourself as an expert in your field: if you're selling real estate, for example, then writing about the latest trends in holiday home buying and selling will help show people that you know what you're talking about.

To create content for a blog post series:

  • Research any topics related to this holiday season that might be relevant for your audience (for example: how are Christmas trees grown? What kinds of foods do people eat at Christmas dinner?) Then write down some questions related to these topics that would generate discussion among readers (e.g., "Why should I buy my own Christmas tree instead of having one delivered?").

  • Answer all these questions thoroughly so that each article provides enough detail for readers interested in learning more about those topics but not too much detail so they lose interest quickly (e.g., don't just tell someone how long it takes until their tree is ready--instead tell them why this particular time frame matters). If possible try answering every question asked within each post so there isn't any confusion when someone reads through all three articles consecutively after reading one article first etcetera..

Send Out Merry Christmas Real Estate Emails

Send out a holiday email to your clients. Include a holiday message and links to your social media accounts, website, etc. If you don’t have time or money to send physical gifts then consider sending digital ones instead by creating an eBook or some kind of special report that they can download from you.

During the holidays, it's important to show clients that you care about your community.

During the holidays, it's important to show clients that you care about your community. Holiday marketing can be a fun way to showcase your business and products, as well as give back to your community. Use holiday marketing campaigns to showcase all of the great things about your city or town.


The holidays are all about celebrating with friends and family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them as an opportunity to get some business done. By using these simple marketing tactics and showing off your giving spirit, you can get more clients in the door on this busy season without any extra hassle on your end!

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